Sometimes it’s a little bit frustrating to think about what to put in your website especially when you’re a beginner. A website can be a great way to connect with your customers, fans, audience, followers and friends because it can be customized and you can choose on what your content is going to be. The best websites are those who have the simplest interface and those who can put their information clearly and plainly. The trick in making a god website is to make it engaging and interesting. You want the viewers of your site to enjoy their time while navigating your website. 

These pages below are the most essential pages to include in your website: 

Home Page 

This is the first page that your viewers are going to see. Make sure that by the viewing your homepage, the viewers are able to know who you are, what you do, and what you offer.  Make sure that you get your point across and at the same time present any information in a clear manner. Keep any text short, concise and kept to a minimal and put as much visuals as you can but make sure that it is all placed strategically that your viewers are able to view it all without blocking each other. Remember that photos are worth a thousand words. 


This is the page where you can provide extensive information about the services that you offer. Begin with a short summary of your services so they have an idea on what they’re going to expect if they scroll more. If you are restaurant site, put your menu or your catering services. If you’re a carpet cleaning company, put the services and also the discounts that you offer. Or if you’re a clothing shop, you can include the clothing products that you are selling. 

About Us 

In this page, you can include what your website is really about. You can provide your customers or viewers an overview and history of your business or yourself. This is a great opportunity to prove why you are different from other businesses. 

Contact Us 

This page can be an avenue for your viewers to contact you if they have any questions or if they would like to avail your services. You can add your location, your phone number, your email address, your social media accounts, or you can provide a form wherein they could provide information about themselves and you could contact them instead. 


Questions that are asked repetitively and then your answer to it can be put here. This is for you and your viewer’s convenience. Make sure that you phrase the questions in a positive way and answer it in a way that you keep them interested. 

Privacy Policy 

This is to let your viewers know that the information they leave on your site is safe and will not be used to harm them. Also, this includes how and why their information is collected.  

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