The advent of technology has given us a lot of great things to access. We can’t deny that with the use of internet, we can search for information that is not accessible before. It can be a great source for entertainment. You can watch movies, play games listen to music among others. It can also be a great avenue for discussion with peers or with strangers. Communication has evolved and come a long way. However, internet is not exclusive. Anyone and anywhere, many people are utilizing it just like us. Navigating the internet can be a dangerous endeavor sometimes. That is why it’s important for to monitor your children’s activity when they use the internet. There is risk that children shouldn’t be able encounter at such a young age and that is why you should be there to prevent it from happening to your children most especially. 

Here are some of the reasons why it’s important for a guardian to monitor the child’s activities while using the internet: 

  1. Cyber-Bullying 

Cyber-bullying has become rampant nowadays. With the use of internet, individuals has been given the power to bully people around the world. Being online, you are more prone to people criticizing your every move and your appearance that they are not able to do in person. Many people experience mental breakdowns, stress and depression when they receive insults and threats on the internet. You can prevent this from happening by cutting the hours they spend online and minimize their use of social media. 

  1. Cyber Identity Theft 

Identity theft is not new but with the advent of the internet it has become an easy crime for hackers to steal your identity online. Especially on social media like Facebook wherein you share a lot of your personal information online, you are more prone to get your account hacked. Take a preventive measure and don’t put too much information online and only minimize to what the people need to know like name. Children don’t really have an idea on how much their posting online is putting them at risk. Connect their account with yours if possible. 

  1. Trojan and Viruses 

Children tend to click anything that they see online whether it’s a cartoon poster pop-up or games poster that offers money. Most of the time, these pop-ups carry Trojan viruses could hack your computer and could eventually get your computer at risk making your information and files being compromised.  Once this happens, your private files can be uploaded to sites and could be sold by anyone. The best step to prevent this from happening is to limit the sites that your children open on the internet and install anti-viruses or firewalls on your internet browser and computer. 

  1. Scams 

Chat rooms or any avenue where a person can appear anonymous can be a site for scams. Some scammers would try to persuade children to give them credit card accounts in exchange of a video game, tokens or money. They prey on little kids because they are more gullible.  

Keep in mind that it is never a good idea for kids to spend too much time online. Talk to them about the importance of being safe on the internet.